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Full Moon Experience // In Bloom

  • Higgs Beach 1000 Atlantic Blvd Key West United States (map)

May 19th is the Flower Moon and what better way to celebrate than to bring a flower to share with a friend you haven't met yet!

Costume Ideas: Anything flower related 🌺

This month will be SUPER exciting, as we will be having The Happy Dog kicking up some jams along with DJ Moses for the late night set! We will also have a special kind of yard sale that you can be a part of!

Events details below :)

7pm // All-ages yoga with Emily Hughes
8pm // The Happy Dog
9pm // May Birthdays Celebration
10pm // Late night jams with DJ Moses & Friends
12am // After party at Sidebar Nightclub

Live art // Robert Parker

Full bar & food available all night

Give & Take Table: Bring an item you'd like to donate and in exchange, you will receive a ticket to take something home with you.

Welcome drinks provided by Papa's Pilar Rum Distillery, Hemingway Rum Company

Sponsored by: Papa's Pilar, The Marker Resort, WEOW FM, The Weekly Newspapers, and Visualize Entertainment, Inc. DJ-Lighting-Photo Booth

*More info on the event idea*

This is a blank space created to encourage creative self-expression and participation!

What does that mean?

Creative self-expression is simply expressing your own creativity in some form. Whether it be through art, through music, through writing, through a conversation with a friend, it's really what we would call, just being yourself. It's also what people refer to as that state of flow—that timeless state you're in where you are not really aware so much of what you're doing, it's more of a sense of being. You're right there in the moment—you're in the present moment, expressing naturally who you are. And what you're really expressing is a state of joy.

Participation means that YOU ARE THE EXPERIENCE! This can be in the form of building an art installation, volunteering your time, a visual performance, sharing a positive space with a stranger, etc.

All the experience is supposed to provide is space to make this happen. We have spent over a year showing you what we're capable of doing, now it's your turn to show off and be awesome! Please contact in ways you'd like to participate and we'll be sure to get you on board if it all works out!