Key West's full moon experience, where you are the performance.


Here's how it works:  We provide the sound, visuals, and color theme for each experience.  It's up to you to participate in a way that is unique to you. 

Show up and show off...


It's time to bring the Full Moon Experience to you all with killer music and visuals all night long. Special guests will be on rotation providing different styles of music, while performers mingle through the crowd, creating an environment of awesomeness.

The color theme is WHITE. Every experience is a different color theme, and we ask that you wear something WHITE to the event.

*During the 10pm surprise performance, we suggest wearing white that you don't mind getting dirty.  Also, eye protection, such as sunglasses, is highly suggested.  It's going to get crazy!*

Schedule of Events...
7:00pm-9:30: High Energy Caribbean/Latin Band
9:30-10: Fire Dance & Key West Junkanoo Performance
10:00 Secret Performance (it's gonna get dirty so wear eye protection!)
10:00 - DJ Gunz (super funky dance vibes)
11:00pm - MC Turner (freestyles in 5 different languages to all different beats)
12:00 - Festival concludes with an acknowledgment of each other :)

This party will be a celebration of us. It's not just about the music or visuals, it's about all of you who come out to join. Feel free to bring something that you'd like to share to enhance the party. Think outside the box. Doesn't mean food or drinks, it can be beach balls, huge bubble wand, telescope, a cool performance, a super awesome talent, I don't care. This party is about us as a whole and we are the party. Let's see what you come up with 😎!

If you have a cool edited video you'd like to showcase on the big screen, please send it over to us asap so we can showcase it!

Bring whatever you want to stay hydrated and be sure to share this with your friends!

Key West Full Moon