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Key West Full Moon Experience

Locals and visitors come together to Experience the culture of the Florida Keys through dance, performances, food, and drink. All are welcome to join us on this beautiful beach, under a full moon, with a friendly atmosphere that helps compliment what is truly a "celebration of us".  Everyone comes for the explosion of Sound and visual performances, but they all stay for the limbo!



Community participation starts from within. Come get settled on the beach with a yoga session for all skill levels. The main focus is on the mind, while listening to the sounds of the crashing waves.



We provide nothing but positive vibes and a platform for creativity, with unique ways of inviting you to participate. Without you, the Experience would not be the performance it is.

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Live Painting

Event Artist

Originally from Philadelphia, PA, Robert Parker is just an all around genuinely nice human. He’s more than just an artist. He’s a community leader, making an impact using his time and talent. His paintings are relatable, real, and carry a style that is just comfortable to look at. We are very excited to have him on board this month as our featured live painter, and can’t wait to see what he draws up in the five hours he’s given. RobertParker.com